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Uv Led Lampe

There is a sensitive glue for allergy sufferers and sensitive customers, but it doesn't last as long as hoped because it doesn't contain many things that promote the durability of the eyelash extensions.

That's why a solution has been found: Beamlight S7 Pro UV LED lamp.

It promises a long shelf life and is very gentle to use.

The vapors are dried immediately by this lamp and therefore do not cause irritation.

An absolute game changer. And now allergy sufferers can also wear eyelash extensions.

LED UV Photo Kundin mit Ray_edited.jpg
Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-22 um 23.47.26.png

Beamlight S7 Pro UV LED Light

✅ Water can be applied to the eyelashes IMMEDIATELY
✅ no more 48 hour rule
✅ completely transparent
✅ almost no fumes at all

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