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Questions & Answers

Do you have any questions about eyelash extensions?

Our Q&A may be able to help.

How long do permanent eyelashes last?
Thanks to professional application technology, you can wear your eyelash extensions permanently. The application is only onto your own eyelash - not on the edge of the eyelid. We recommend a refill appointment every 3-4 weeks to top up the eyelashes. Accordingly, your eyelashes will remain voluminous and always stunning!

Why does the natural eyelash fall-out?
Our natural eyelash has a growth cycle of approx. 60-90 days before naturally falling-out. This is not due to having eyelash extensions.

Does the eyelash extension damage my natural eyelashes?
NO! We do not interfere with the natural growth cycle. If used improperly, the natural eyelashes can be damaged.

What should be considered before an eyelash extension appointment?
Come without makeup. Do not use oily eye makeup remover. Avoid creams around the eyes. Don't dye the eyelashes 2-3 days before your appointment.

How is the eyelash extension appointment?
The initial treatment takes about 2 hours. The eyes are closed during treatment. The lower lashes and the eye are protected by a gel pad. Depending on the volume technique, approx. 80-200 eyelashes are applied.

How long does a permanent eyelash extension last?
High quality products from GL Beautycompany GmbH enable durability until the natural eyelash falls-out. This usually takes place every 60-90 days. You can extend the life-cycle by using the right care products.

What should be considered after the treatment?
The adhesive takes about 48 hours to be completely dry. Avoid any contact with water. It is also advisable to avoid hot showers or saunas during this time. Do not pluck, rub or tear the eyelash extensions. You will be given a lash care brush to brush your eyelashes at home. During this time, do not use make-up, such as mascara (mascara), make-up remover or other care products, so that the glue can dry properly.

Can I use my mascara (mascara)?
A mascara is often not necessary. If you want to change your look, please only use the mascara from GL Beautycompany. In the worst case, conventional mascara's can dissolve the eyelash glue.

Which products dissolve the eyelash glue?
Any oil-based cleaners or make-up wipes, shampoos, facial soap, etc. Talk to us! We would be happy to talk to you about our care products. 

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