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The Styles

Lash extensions not only make your eyelashes look beautiful but also give you self-confidence and make styling in the morning easier.

Choose your look:


Natural Glam
1 to 1 technique

Natural look.

This look is very subtle and, depending on your choice, can even look “very natural” with thinner eyelash extensions.


Mascara Look
2/3D volume

As the name explains, this is a look that you kind achieve if you put mascara on your natural lashes.

Nice and full but not “too much”.


Glamour Eyes
4/5/6D volume

Do you like your lashes thick and noticeable? Then this is the perfect look for you. It gives you that social media filter look and makes your lashes look stunning in photos.

Russian Doll_edited_edited.jpg

Russian Doll
7D+ volume

The Russian Doll Look is a very dark full fan look. Here we achieve a lot of density and since we have a lot of eyelashes applied, you retain volume for a longer period of time.

With us you can choose from a variety of looks with eyelash extensions.

We have different lengths, thicknesses, curves and colors.

We can achieve a coordinated form within about 2 hours,

so that you get your new individual look.


With us you book the volume you want and details such as length, curve, shape, etc.

You can let us know on site and we will be happy to advise you.

Please note: The fullness of the result is based on the amount of natural eyelashes present.

The more volume you use, the denser the result will be.

Do you need more information about them? Looks? Here einfach explains:

1D (also 1 to 1 technology called) means that only a single artificial eyelash is glued to the natural eyelash.

As well as 2D volume means that 2x artificial eyelashes are glued to a single natural eyelash,

it also means that with 3D Volume 3x artificial eyelashes glued to a single natural eyelashbecome,

and so it goester.


We always try to be up to date and keep up with the go along,

That's why we also offer styles like Wispy Style, Wet Look and Foxy Eyes.

If you have a request that is not listed, you can let us know and we will make it possible

And no problem if you don't know whatis meant by that. We will be happy to inform you at the appointment.

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